Journey Essay

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"The Journey is the reward": Discuss the truth of this statement using the core text, with one piece of text from the BOS booklet together with two pieces of related material. All issues are to speak in relation to Sally Morgan's inner journey.

The inner journey is a concept that has always been debated, and so has its meaning. The word ‘inner' has the alternative meaning of personal. Moreover, the word journey has an alternative meaning of movement. So, the concept of the inner journey, customarily, has the meaning of a personal movement. Inner journeys have often been described as the metaphor behind a physical journey. The statement ‘Journey is the reward' and the idea of a personal movement are depicted in the texts, My Place by
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This journey of self discovery, enlightenment and acceptance, were all key discerning factors in how, for Sally, the journey was a rewarding experience.

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, is another text which represents how the journey, alone, can be a rewarding experience. The Road Not Taken, is the poem about a man who is exploring the choices that he once had, as he made his journey through lfe. It is the brevity of the poem which represents the complexity of the decision that had to be made.
In the composers inner journey, he speakes with an element of regret, which is represented in the line, ‘sorry I could not travel both'.
The line ‘and looked down one as far as I could' shows that the traveller was weighing up his choices. Just as in My Place, Sally, was also faced with the task of weighing up her choices and the certain ramifications that would follow. Sally, on her journey for the truth, and Robert Frost, on his life's journey, both took the road ‘less traveled'. It was by taking the road less travled, that gave both parties the knowledge that their choices had ‘made all the difference'. In summation, The Road Not Taken is another example of how ‘the journey is the reward'.

The Transall Saga by Gary Paulson, is the story of Mark Harrison's camping trip into the dessert which soon leads to disaster. On Mark's trip, a mysterious blue light transports him to another world, and he is then faced with the task of testing his skills against

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