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Self-oriented Masculinity: Advertisements and the Changing Culture of the Male Market

Journal of Macromarketing
33(2) 160-171
ª The Author(s) 2012
Reprints and permission: DOI: 10.1177/0276146712463823 Blaine J. Branchik1 and Tilottama Ghosh Chowdhury1

This research chronicles the changes in the understudied and rapidly evolving male market segment using two related studies: (1) a content analysis of advertisements in fifty-one years of Sports Illustrated magazine and (2) an experiment involving age-based differences in consumer ad perceptions. Both investigate changing ad values and the ethnic diversity of ad models. Results indicate that the male
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The body spray product category alone grew by 62 percent among eighteen- to twenty-four-year-old males from
2004 to 2005 (Bosman 2005). Between 2003 and 2008, sales of men’s clothing grew by 16 percent (Euromonitor 2011c), while that for women’s clothing grew by half that amount
(Euromonitor 2011d). In 2011, male apparel market growth continued to outpace that of women (NPD Group 2012).
Whereas less than two decades ago, women purchased the majority of men’s clothes, today it is men who buy the majority of their own apparel (Fetto 2002; Rozhon 2003).
These statistics are manifestations of the changing views of
American masculinity over the past 200 years. The earlyAmerican view of manhood as the aristocratic European landowner evolved to the self-made man of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, to the family man of the early to

mid-twentieth century, to the increasingly self-involved swinging playboy of the 1950s, the hedonistic hippie of the
1960s, the introspective new man of the 1970s and 1980s, and to the metrosexual peacock of the mid-2000s (Kimmel 2006).
These cultural changes resulted from a variety of social factors including industrialization, urbanization, two world wars, the impact of three waves of

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