Journal Purpose Design / Sample Results / Recommendations Limitations Level

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Journal Purpose Design/Sample Results/Recommendations Limitations Level/

2015 Sion Jo, Taeoh Jeong, Young Ho Jin, Jae Baek Lee, Jaechol Yoon, & Boyoung Park.

Emergency Department (ED) crowding is associated with inpatient mortality among critically ill patients admitted via the ed: Post hoc analysis from a retrospective study.

American Journal of Emergency Medicine. “To evaluate the assassination between ED crowding and inpatient mortality among critical ill patients admitted via the ED, and analyzed subsets of patient s according to the admission diagnosis (p. 1726).” Design: post hoc analysis using data from previous retrospective study from Jan 1, 2009 to Dec 31, 2010- Total of 1846 patient.

Sample admitted patients who admitted via ED with initial systolic blood pressure (SBP) of 90mmHg or lower.

Location: 1000-bed urban academic tertiary hospital with 43 licensed ED beds. Ed Crowding associated with the increase of mortality among critical ill patient esp. in the trauma subset.

The effect of ED crowding was not observed on the cardiac and vascular subset.

Ed crowding had minimal effects on procedure time of intubation, vasoprssor use, and central line catheterization, and blood transfusion. The study is a secondary analysis of previously collected data.

Lack of data on whether admitted patient were bedridden or not at admissions might affect the data. Sample size less than 30 patients for the majority of quartiles of each disease…

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