Baseball Player: The Autobiography Of Josh Hamilton

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This book is an autobiography of Josh Hamilton. He tells the struggles he had to overcome to get where he is today. If you do not watch baseball, odds are, you don’t know who Josh Hamilton is. Josh Hamilton is a Major League Baseball player from Raleigh, North Carolina. He had one older sibling named Jason. Josh was so good, when he was seven, he was playing on Jason’s team, which was for eleven year olds. By the time he was in middle school, he was already being scouted by MLB teams. He was a pitcher at the time. He was so good at the game, people were scared to play against him or even catch for him. None of his teammates could keep up with his speed. Once he reached high school, he was playing both outfield and pitcher. His father told him to throw slower on the mound so he wouldn’t get drafted as a pitcher. Josh wanted to play as an outfielder because pitchers don’t get to play every game. Josh just wanted to play the game. He didn’t view it as a job, or a chore. It was a game he was being paid to enjoy. After high school, he was drafted by Tampa Bay for a $3.96 million dollar signing bonus. He had the luxury of being able to bring his parents with him on his journey to the Big Leagues. The team managers did not like this so the made his parents leave. This sparked Josh’s down hill slope. He was playing for Tampa …show more content…
This book could be the book that makes you a better person, a better dad, a better wife. It could be the key to realizing you are becoming an addict.You may finish reading this book and dedicate your time to helping your friends and or family with a drug or alcohol problem. This could be the book that makes you realize that you don’t have to feel alone with an addiction. It could be the push you need to go get help. Josh’s story could affect your life more than you could possibly know. This book is not only a good read, but it can change your life forever, like

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