Josh Cosby : An Role Model Essay

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Joshua Joel Cosby, my uncle, also known as Josh Cosby, was born June 30, 1982. He grew up as the youngest child out of eleven siblings in St.louis, Missouri. After graduating high school in 1997, he skipped college to start a professional basketball career that included stops in the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America. On June 13, 2000, he helped the Yakima Sun Kings win the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) Championship and earned first team honors while leading the Colombia Copa Federation in scoring with an average of 27.2 points per game. Josh is highly respected in our community and is viewed by many as an outstanding role model. Josh Cosby is a superb role model for several reasons: his desire to support his family, his passion for basketball, and his humble personality. Josh is a true family man. Although he does not have any children of his own, he has thirteen nephews and eight nieces, so changing diapers is nothing foreign to him. Josh definitely has been a main provider for all of us. He played thirteen years of professional basketball overseas in four different countries, and, every year, when he was done with his season, he made sure that every single one of us had school clothes and supplies for the upcoming school year. When my siblings and I played sports for our school, Josh always called before and after every game to check and see how we performed. He took time from his busy schedule to talk about different basketball tips we could use…

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