Jose Chavez's Narrative Parenting Style

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Jose Chavez is a 30-year-old Latino man born in Montebello, CA who moved to Lancaster, CA due to his parents divorcing. Growing up, his family consisted of three older sisters, mom and dad additions preceding the divorce of a step-mother, step-sister & step-father. The new household in Lancaster, CA consisted of one older sister, one step-sister (went to boarding school), step-mother, nephew and dad. His mother, step-father, and sister lived in Walnut, CA. The older of the siblings lived in Lancaster, CA as well fairly close to the dads’ resident.
Growing up, his mother was over protective of Jose being the only son in the family. The mother used a passive overprotective parenting style, whereas the dad used an authoritarian parenting style, this balanced out for Jose. Moving from his hometown during his pre-teen years of adolescence combined with
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Medication of Zoloft prescribed along with weekly brief psychodynamic psychotherapy sessions for treatment. Exposure therapy implemented to help reduce the stress and anxiety levels present when stress triggers would be present. A year of medication and therapy, an assessed evaluation results showed low improvement. Jose was no longer capable to live long periods evaluation was assessed with a lot of time on the ship which impaired his capabilities of deployment. The continual agitation resulting in outbursts posed danger on both shipmates and himself, furthermore confined space was a stimuli trigger. The last option of the Navy was to process Jose as an honorable medical discharge leaving him in a state of depression trying to figure out what his next step was to be. Returning to Lancaster, CA to live with his Dad and Step-mother and continuing his medications Jose started all over. Jose searched for a job, while continuing to be a great dad to his little girl and visited as permitted by the

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