Jordan Chittick : The Importance Of The Military And Its Values

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Jordan Chittick: G.I. Jane in the Making?
Originally, I was born in Clinton, Maryland. However, as a young child, I grew up overseas in a town called Amberg, Germany. I lived there for numerous years under the wing of my grandparents, while traveling to the United States almost each year to visit my parents residing in Caroline County, Virginia. My grandfather, a retired Command Sergeant Major of the U.S. Army, often visited the nearby military bases (Grafenwoehr and Vilseck), exposing me to the military lifestyle at a young age. The daily influence of the military and its values is seen in the significance of my name. I was named after the main character in the movie G.I. Jane, Jordan O’Neill, a woman who successfully works her way into the U.S. Navy Seals Team. My mother gave me this name because she wanted me to grow up to be just like her, a confident, gun-blazing, uncompromising leader.
As I turned 13, my visa had expired and I was forced to make one of the biggest transitions of my life, moving to the United States. When I first moved from Germany to the United States, I transitioned from being a "city girl" to a "redneck gal." I had never before mowed the grass, let alone taken care of various animals, but it did not take long until my parents made me perform laborious activities around the family farm. At first, it was troublesome to adjust to the circumstances, but I quickly familiarized myself with the American lifestyle and was able to successfully integrate…

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