John Steinbeck 's The Pearl Essay

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John Steinbeck was born in the early eighteenth century and had a proficient writing career throughout the 1900s. He was the recipient of a Nobel Prize award in Literature and had earned this right in leaving behind many famous classic novels such as Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, and The Pearl. The tale of The Pearl follows Kino in his race to save his son Coyotito from the venom of a scorpion sting. Kino is too poor to hire a doctor, so he must depend on his pearl-diving skills to find a pearl worthy of enough money to treat his son. With the baby’s life on the line, Kino searches in the sea and finds “the greatest pearl in the world (12).” However, this pearl causes him to lose sight of his pure intentions and, in a twist of cruel fate, ultimately leads to his downfall. Steinbeck uses allegory in The Pearl in order to depict the consequences of greed.
An allegory is a story in which everything is symbolic. The pearl itself is at first seen as a sign of hope for Kino, but it only symbolizes how greed can corrupt people. Kino, for instance, falls for this trick and loses his pure intensions in the midst of the crisis of the battle for the pearl. He sees how others want to take what he now has, and “[in] dreaming about a better life for his family, Kino grows so attached to the pearl that he refuses to give it up despite the threat to his family (Warfield 6).” He starts to let greed overcome him, which has been made easier in the fact that he is representative of the…

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