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John T. Scopes John Thomas Scopes was born 3 August, 1900, in Paducah Kentucky. At a young age, Scopes family moved to Illinois, first to Danville, then eventually settling in Salem. Johns father, Thomas, and mother, Mary, made sure to educate their five children as much as possible. They often made the children read literature and philosophy. Thomas Scopes, an Englishman, was said to have stepped off the boat in Galveston, TX with four books, including Darwin’s Origin of Species .Thomas Scopes was a major influence in John Scopes life and is likely the cause of Johns mild mannered nature. After John Scopes earned a degree in law from the University of Kentucky he took a job in Dayton, Tennessee. Scopes was the Rhea County High School’s football …show more content…
The heat got to be so bad in the courtroom that some of the elderly people had some issues, including a member of the prosecution fainting. During the break one of the days of trial, Scopes and William J Bryan Jr went swimming together in a natural pool in town to cool off but they were late returning for afternoon court and reprimanded. During the trial, Judge John Raulston denied all of the defense motions and refused to allow most of their witnesses. The jury was often sent out of the courtroom when the defense was speaking and got to hear very little from the defense at all. The actions of the court did not bode well for Scopes. With all avenues of defense being cut off the defense rested the burden on the prosecution to prove that Scopes taught evolution while at the same time denied the theory of creation from the …show more content…
Scopes eventually retired as a geologist in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1963. In June of 1967 Scopes published his memoirs called Center of the Storm. John T. Scopes died of cancer on the 21st of October 1970. Before he died, he did get to see a victory against an anti-evolution statute in the case of Epperson v. Arkansas in 1968. The US Supreme Court ruled that the Arkansas anti-evolution law violated the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution .

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