John Morton And The Archbishop Of Canterbury Essay

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Thomas More was born in London in 1477 or 1488. Both his parents came from an upwardly mobile merchant 's class. His father, John, became a judge and chose the legal profession for his son. Very little is known of Thomas 's mother, Agnes, who died sometime before 1507.

More began his education at St Anthony 's, a leading London school. Then he was sent to serve as a page at Lambeth Palace, the household of John Morton, the archbishop of Canterbury. Morton 's patronage enabled More to spend about two years at Oxford University, until his father recalled him to legal studies in London. More became familiar not only with the principles of English common law, but also with the weighing of both sides of an argument. He qualified for the bar in 1501, and was soon appointed a reader at Furnival Inn, instructing young students.

Between 1501 and 1505 More lived at the London Charterhouse, home of the Carthusian monks. Charterhouse was known for its strict observances, and it had a lasting effect on More 's spirituality. (Murphy, p. 2)

From 1505 onward he joined a circle of friends who were critical of the method of education current in London schools and Universities. Under the influence of John Colet, Dean of St Paul 's Cathedral, he and his circle began to share the views of a wider European movement labeled as Christian humanism. They became convinced that any serious renewal of religion and society must begin with a renewal of education, and a retrieval of classical and…

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