A Comparison Of Thomas More's Utopia

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Thomas More visualized the Utopia as a perfect society. The United States of America has always tried to build a perfect country or society which is built by people. A perfect society depends on the system of government, resources, and the nature of humans. Utopia is a perfect society because they have a perfect government; they have enough resources which are distributed evenly among all the people. Also, the people living in Utopia choose to obey laws for peace which makes the society perfect. It is possible for any country to become Utopia if the people in that country follow these characteristics from Utopia. Furthermore, this essay will explore the ideas of different writers that are connected to Thomas More’s Utopia.
John Locke supported
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In Utopia, a ruler has a limited amount of power, but our society gives its ruler almost unlimited power to stand as a Leviathan. According to Thomas Hobbes, human nature or behavior goes towards war and he stated that it is necessary for people to have a strong ruler. In his book Leviathan (1651), Hobbes mentions that by nature, the strong and powerful prey on the weak so it is necessary to have a social contract through which, a strong ruler will offer protection to the people and rule them so that other territories do not come and attack the society. So, this tells us that our society holds the same idea as Thomas Hobbes. If we look through the history of the United States, we can see that war was always a part of it. In Leviathan, it declares “So that in the nature of man, we find three principal causes of quarrel. First, competition; second, diffidence; thirdly, glory” (Trials of Modernity, 37). There were so many wars, such as the French and Indian war, Mexican and Spanish American war, Iraq war, Vietnam war, etc. All these wars break the confidence of other countries and become powerful. However, Utopia doesn’t support that idea. Our society can never be Utopia if they don’t approach for a peaceful interaction with the other countries like the …show more content…
He argued against mercantilism, which is a belief in the benefits of profitable trading. Mercantilism theory tells us that people should try to buy very few things so that they spend less money, but sell as much products as they can to get more money from the other countries. Adam Smith thinks that the specialization of labor in different industries and countries can make more money by producing certain things. For example, China can make more money if they sell clothes because people will buy it from them since it’s cheaper there. Similarly, the United States can also make money if they produce technologies because the United States specializes in that production. However, if the United States started supplying clothes, they will end up losing all the money because it is sold at a higher price here. So, Adam Smith is trying to say that it is better for the United States to buy clothing from China or from anywhere else at a lower cost and concentrate on something that they excel in, such as technologies, weapons, auto mobiles, etc. This is logical because most people are selfish in the real world. The laws and the government are made by the people. Utopia has unlimited resources which is an important reason for them to become a perfect society. According to Thomas More, Utopia follows both democracy and communism and it works for them because they have enough resources. In Utopia, it states, “There is no reason for giving a denial

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