John Locke 's Moral And Born With Perfect Freedom Essay

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Human are naturally born with perfect free but yet they do not perform different actions which exceeds the permission of law. If people would have followed their natural law then that could have created an chaos. John Locke argues people are naturally moral and born with perfect freedom but we still see problems surrounding us. To prevent these problems human entered into social contract to protect each other’ perfect freedom. People communicate with others to share their power to protect each other rather than committing crime. According to John Locke’s theory, people are born with absolute freedom of life, liberty and property but one’s absolute freedom invades other’s absolute freedom, so in order to protect the law of nature people enter the social contract to willingly give up some of their natural power.
John Locke believes people are born with natural law which is in a state of absolute freedom. And he says’ “we must consider what estate all men are naturally in, and that is, an state of perfect freedom….”( 106). Absolute freedom allows individuals to perform their actions and dispose their controls without depending or asking any other individual. The perfect freedom includes the freedom of life, liberty and property. John locke’s belief, “all human beings, were equal and free to pursue life, health, liberty, and possessions;”( Document #3). In general, nature has made individuals independent; nature has left each individual to fend for himself; nature must…

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