John Green 's Book Looking For Alaska Essay

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John Green’s book Looking for Alaska focuses on Alaska’s character describing her as a free spirit with interesting stories thirsty for adventure. Because of these qualities, many of her actions have a reckless element to it. She participates in pranks and group activities with her friends yet her light hearted mood is a disguise for the terrible and haunting experience she had on the day her mother died. Her father is almost absent since she rarely speaks of him therefore, lacks a family environment. Friends like the Colonel, Takumi and Pudge are a way she attempts to build community yet she doesn’t confide in them. This causes her demons to take over and the tragic death to occur at the end of the novel. If Alaska had a better family or support system in her life where she could share her doubts and grievances, she would have been part of a community and her recklessness could have been controlled. This behavior is also seen in the character of Reese in the novel Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers. Reese also lacks a supportive family; his mother is a drug addict, there is no present father and he lives in a bad part of town. Alaska and Reese both lack the capacity of understanding the consequences of their actions which causes both of them to end up in bad situations - Reese in juvenile prison and Alaska dead. With guidance and support, these two characters could have had very different endings and a better life without jeopardizing their lives.
Alaska is one of the first…

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