John Fowles : The Collector Essay

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John Fowles: The Collector The acclaimed first novel of famous author, John Fowles, is unique in many ways. This novel is composed of two first person narratives. These narratives are told from two separate perspectives. Together, the tales from both the protagonist and antagonist, combine to create a story that “tantalizes us with a variety of possible outcomes, that we read his novels and short stories eagerly to find out what happens in the end” (Acheson 1). This exciting twist on the horror genre requires both the imagination and interpretation of the reader. It is up to you to rely on your own analysis of both characters and their often contradictory stories, to piece together the novel that is The Collector. A majority of horror stories consist of a villain whom readers fear from a distance. However, Fowles defies the rules of such predictable styles of horror stories by having the villain be the story teller. Inside the pages of The Collector, we first experience the plot through Clegg, the psychotic kidnapper. This unique tactic takes readers though the stages of the kidnapping: from the planning to initiation. Giving readers the ability to experience the story through the eyes of the criminal enhances the centricity of the story because it allows for the understanding of the extent of Clegg’s delusions. This FORTY SOMETHING man has a disturbed mind. In the early stages of the kidnapping, Clegg shares his feelings of being happy and excited that he was able to…

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