John F. Kennedy : The Civil Rights Act Of 1964 Essay

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In 1961, John F. Kennedy becomes president and brings his youthfulness and kindness to the white house. They also show how adorable and perfect the kennedy family was and why america loved them. This is an interesting contrast to what is happening in Cecils marriage, as him and Gloria continuously fight. However, the movie begins to show how close cecil becomes with the kennedy family. During this time Louis and a dozen others are attacked by members of the Ku Klux Klan while on a freedom ride to Birmingham, Alabama. Louis is shown participating in the 1963 Birmingham Children 's Crusade, where dogs and water cannons were used to stop the marchers. Cecil watches this on the television with president kennedy who shows his disbelief and frustration as to what is happening in his country. This inspired Kennedy to deliver a national address proposing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Gloria is also shown breaking off her affair with Howard as she feels bad for Cecil. The movie also shows kennedy dealing with his illness and continues to detail how close cecil and Kennedy have become. Kennedy then tells cecil he knows what his son is doing and shares with him how many times he has been arrested. Several months later, Kennedy is assassinated and we see how much this affects Cecil. Lyndon B. Johnson, enacts the transformative legislation into law and Jackie Kennedy gives Cecil one of the former president 's neckties before she leaves the White House. Gloria and Cecil continue to fight…

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