Atomic Theory Essay

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The atomic theory was proposed by a chemist named John Dalton, but it was first discovered by a Greek philosopher named Democritus in 400 BCE. Democritus stated that matter was made of small hard particles called atomos. John Dalton’s theory can be called modern because it can be proven through experiments. John Dalton pointed out some major details about the atomic theory; All matter is composed of very small particles called atoms, atoms of a given element are identical, atoms can’t be created nor destroyed, atoms can combine or separate from each other, and atoms combine in whole number ratios. The atoms in the atomic theory are composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Electrons inhabit regions of space called orbitals. Orbitals …show more content…
Erwin Schrödinger was the one who proposed the cloud model in 1925. He just added on to what Bohr was already working on. Erwin developed the probability function for the hydrogen atom. Heisenburg is another name that was involved with the atomic theory. Werner Heisenburg studied the behaviors of the electrons, movements into electrons, and quantum theory. The quantum theory is a part of today’s generation. It’s used in some of the objects that we use such as; MRI’s, CD’s, DVD’s, LED lights and etc.
Another concept in the atomic theory is called the quark. Quarks are the building blocks of matter. The most common names for quarks are up and down quarks. Other names would be charm, strange quarks, top and bottom.
There are many factors involved with the atomic theory. Antimatter is its name exactly. Practically most of qualities that regular matter has is in reverse for antimatter. Antimatter is rare in the universe to be found, scientists still haven’t figured out why it’s rare.
Antoine Lavosier was the first the first person to make good use of the balance. He was a talented experimenter. After a vacation in Priestly in 1774, and began his study of the burning process. He proposed the the combustion theory was based from the measurements of sound mass. Antoine was the man who gave oxygen its name. He also proposed the Law of Conversation of Mass which represents the beginning of modern

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