John Carrol "My Boy Life" Essay

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After reading the short story “My Boy Life” which is the memoir of John Carroll, I was from time to time envious of Carroll’s life but also relieved that I was not born in the 1800’s. Born just before the war of 1812 in Upper Canada, Carroll’s life was very simple. His prospective future occupations only consisted of a few and were predetermined from birth. How simple is life when everything is already set in stone? From the age of twelve to seventeen, Carroll worked at a tannery and as a currier. Carroll’s job was associated with his father’s work, his father being a saddler and harness-maker. Only grinding the bark in the tannery, Carroll’s life was consistent and did not require much effort of having to plan out his future. Sadly, much …show more content…
Carroll would spend his time with animals moving from pet squirrels to pigs he never claimed. Technology was not as advanced as it is today, so it was harder to get around, limiting the experiences Carroll would be able to obtain. It limited people to their hometowns and restricted them from going on long treks to neighboring towns. Unlike Carroll, we gain many opportunities for our own recreational purposes. From various sports to computers, we are able to pursue our interests. It helps that we have modern transportation, allowing us to travel far and wide, expanding our large array of knowledge. Carroll’s family was also very unstable and abnormal. His father was a full twenty years older than his mother, an old man when Carroll was born. Carroll did not think very highly of his dad and instead favoured his mother because he believed that his father had sweet-talked his mother into marriage. They lived in a dilapidated house in severe a climate with an astonishing twelve family of boys. With twelve boys, it was not an easy task to provide for all of them and more often than not, clothes were handed down with only the oldest getting new clothes. The poverty, privations, shifts and turns, neglect and abuse that his mother suffered eventually resulted in a divorce. In contrast to Carroll’s belief that his mother is vastly superior to his father, I love both my parents equally and my family is very stable and content. My parents are not divorced nor

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