Hotel On The Corner Of Bitter And Sweet Analysis

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In Jamie Ford’s novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, he tells the story of the fallen devotion between Henry Lee, a Chinese adolescent, and Keiko Okabe, a Japanese adolescent, two lovers that are under extenuating circumstances that are preventing them from being together. Henry’s father is a Chinese nationalist, and because of World War II being fought in the story’s timeframe, he completely rejects any Japanese person, let alone a Japanese person with his only son. On the other hand, Keiko is forced into an internment camp because of her Japanese nationality, and this prevents Henry and Keiko from even beginning to have a relationship. Due to these circumstances, Henry is forced to make a number of decisions between what is right and what is best, that not only impact his own family, but Keiko’s family, and their relationship together. At the beginning of the novel, Keiko is put into an all-American elementary school, Rainier Elementary. This is the same school that Henry attends, and when they first meet each other, they realize that they share a common bond, not only do they have to serve the other kids during lunch, but they are the only kids in the school of a different heritage than everyone else. After some time, they begin to grow together, and Henry has to make his first decision that impacts their budding …show more content…
Both of them are in a position that prevents them from being together: Henry’s father rejects all Japanese individuals, and Keiko is trapped in an internment camp, away from Henry. Also in the novel, Henry makes a series of choices that impact both of their families, as well as the relationship between Keiko and Henry. Henry’s decisions are solely focused on what is right and what is best for Keiko. Defying all odds, however, Henry was able to find the sweet among the

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