Joe Fllom Conflict Theory

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Question #1: The conflict theory states that society consists of various groups of unequal power competing over finite resources. Individuals/groups use resources to secure more resources in the future. The question that the conflict theory asks is “how is this person/group attempting to gain resources?” Joe Flom is a Jewish man who lived in Europe, and moved to the United States in order to do something fulfilling. Flom was in the lower/working class, so his life chances were low, and his chances of gaining resources was slim. However, he defied these odds and became a lawyer. Using the conflict theory, you would be able to better understand Joe Flom’s story because the Jews were a group that did not have a lot of power, who were competing for land and jobs. The thing that should be focused on while looking at Joe Flom’s life and the conflict theory is that given his life chances, and his race, no one would have thought that he had a chance of becoming a lawyer. He attempted to gain resource non the less, by doing what his parents never did and going to college. Lastly, he proved that Jewish people can be successful, and he broke the stereotype that Jews are greedy and selfish.

Question #2:
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The definition of sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. Whereas the definition of psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behavior in a given context. To make these definitions more simple, sociology focuses on groups or the bigger picture. Psychology focuses on the individual. Nature and Nurture are also a way to think about the differences between sociology and psychology. Nature (a.k.a. psychology) is the things that we know without having to be taught. Nurture (a.k.a sociology) is the things that we have to be

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