Jobbanks Case Study

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What is the job you researched?
The job that was researched was computer systems analyst.
What pay range did you find?
The pay range that was found on both and was approximately $50,000 to $90,000.
Approximately how many jobs do you see? Editorialize.
Both Indeed and Jobbanks displays 20 search results per page.
Were there differences in the job sites?
The difference between the job sites are that the user interface is different. Jobbanks has a more simplistic and modern user interface which date, job title, pay and location are easily noticeable. Jobbanks narrows the search to education level and language at work where Indeed does not. However, Indeed displays the company, salary estimate and distance (in kilometers within search field) whereas Jobbanks does not. Also, Indeed user interface is really simple, white background with the job results. In addition, Indeed also displays sponsors job postings at the top and bottom of the search page results.
Did you notice any regional disparities? In what geographic region were they?
Yes, there was regional disparities among the job search results. Each province yields different results with Ontario being the most, Quebec, British Colombia and then Alberta respectively. The correlation
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The analyst job is to understand what technology works best to help the business/organization’s overall system. This may also include upgrading existing system or even building new ones. Therefore, they need to be familiar with both computer hardware and software. Checking the system and ensuring that the computer systems run smoothly is the routine of a computer systems analyst. They would collaborate with others (programmers and other colleagues) in order to check and test that their system and ensuring it should function as it

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