Job Security Is An Important Factor Of Any Employee 's Satisfaction

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Job security is an important factor of any employee’s satisfaction. Job security is the probability of someone losing the position they hold inside an organization. The higher the level of job security the less chance of an individual becoming unemployed. The average employee strives for a job with a high level of security. Organizations are even known to increase job security through various means to improve job satisfaction. While both employees and organizations pursue high job security there are a number of things that affect it, such as unions, laws, turnover rates. All of these factors allow it in the end to be quantified into an individual’s score or an organizations index, creating a unique index for each country. Unions influence job security greatly. Unions are defined as legally recognized representatives that bargain on policies that affect the workers of an organization. These policies extend too many facets of a company such as wages, work hours and benefits. They also represent their members whenever one of them believes their rights are being infringed upon. There are two major unions that function as umbrella organizations for the smaller unions. First, is the AFL-CIO union. It was created in 1955 and is the largest union to date consisting of 56 national and international unions. All together it represents more than 12 million workers. It was formed when the union AFL and the CIO merged together, since then many smaller unions have split from and…

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