Job Enrichment And Job Design Essays

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This week 's reading was all about motivation. How does one stay motivated after continual repetition of the same actions? After being with a company for several years, you are probably set and established in your role. You know exactly what needs to be done from day to day, how much time to allot to tasks, where you can and can 't take shortcuts, and you know exactly what to do should a problem arise. Depending the job, you might have slight variations in your day, stemming from interactions with patients or customers, but how can you still find happiness within the monotony of your generic daily work routines? It is role of management to discover tactics that will keep employees motivated to work hard for the good of the company. Job enrichment and job design are two theories managers can consider implementing to keep employees engaged, focused, and excited about the work they do.

When we look at job enrichment, we will see that this theory focuses on giving employees new tasks in addition to typical duties outlined by their current job descriptions. These new tasks will be adequate to the employees current skill level, and will involve the same level of responsibility. On top of these new tasks, employees will also be given a greater level of control when deciding the methods that will best help them to complete the jobs. The extra freedom given by this theory allows employees to feel valued, responsible, and trusted; increasing the employee 's motivation.

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