Job Duties And Daily Routine Of The Profession Essay example

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When looking for a career, many people research the salary of the position. Others research the job duties and daily routine of the profession. I had the opportunity to learn both of these things as well as other important things about Occupational Therapy when interviewing Ms. Kristen Dorwart-Marsh of the Regional Rehabilitation Institute in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Ms. Dorwart-Marsh was very excited to meet with me and spread information about the career of Occupational Therapy. We discussed the job duties, ways to get into occupational therapy, skills needed for the job, and the job outlook. When discussing what schooling was required to become an Occupational therapist, she told me that she has a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. There are Doctoral programs available and that is what they are moving to. I find it interesting that they are changing the requirement from a Master’s degree to a Doctorate degree. I then asked her what qualifications, attitude, and personality type is needed to become an Occupational Therapist. She told me that qualifications include a degree from an accredited school, passing a national board exam and then obtaining state licensure. Attitude and personality type needed is flexibility, positive, and motivated by change. Therefore, to become an Occupational Therapist, you must be certified and have the right mindset. When asked about the volunteer/internship experience available for college students, she responded with “Observational…

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