Job Dissatisfaction Is Where One Has A Negative Feeling About Their Job

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Job dissatisfaction is where one has a negative feeling about their job. Job dissatisfaction in the workplace can lead to a decrease in productivity, poor working performance, a hostile work environment, and other conflicts threatening the organization. Managers are to use the concepts of attitudes and personalities to offset any dissatisfaction in the workplace among the employees. By understanding these concepts, managers can start dealing with the situation at the root cause; thus creating a positive working environment.

Job Dissatisfaction and Concepts Job dissatisfaction is “the negative feeling about one’s job resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics”. (Robbins, Stephen P., Judge, Timothy A.; Organizational Behavior; Prentice Hall; 2009) The worker no longer finds any value at the job or occupation they are performing, and will not exert the same amount of effort it would take for a person who is satisfied. When job dissatisfaction rises among employees in the workplace, it can lead to instances of decreased productivity, absenteeism, deviant workplace behavior, poor job performance and other conflicts for the organization. Here are two concepts that could be accessed for knowledge on how to prevent job dissatisfaction from rising in the workplace: Job Attitudes and Personality.
Job Attitude…

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