Job Discrimination For Non Job Essay

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Job Discrimination is when someone is denied a job or assignment for non-job related reasons. Job discrimination can happen without one’s knowledge. For example, a close friend of mine told me he quit his job. The company he worked for would not promote him due to his skin tone. They told him he would be a great fit and most likely would get the position, only to give it to his colleague. Also, at my place of employment, they do not hire male teachers. We have one male teacher as a floater but not to have a class to teach. He mainly is there to babysit and help with the janitorial and labor duties around the building.
EEO gives everyone the right to employment without regards to sex, race, color, national origin, or religion. EEO has many offices who deals with regulation of this policy within many different corporations and businesses. The central office for EEO is responsible for encouraging resolution and processing of EEO informal and formal complaints. Title VII is the federal law that protects EEO from discrimination. The person who wrote is was Lyndon B. Johnson, along with 75 other signatures he got from congressional supporters.
Affirmative action is an action favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination. This is mostly happening in relation to employment or education. Employers are expected to analyze existing workforce demographics and compare. After comparing to relevant labor markets, you set goals for correction. The goals at hand are supported by…

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