Job Analysis Essay

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Personnel selection is a process where various methods are used to gather information to determine if individuals meet criteria to fill job vacancies. It is only when an employer achieves many years of service that the impact of personnel selection on an organization can be recognized. This methodical process should be composed with extreme care to avoid any violation of laws that pertain to personnel selection. Validity is evident if an apparent relationship is obvious between the procedure and the job position for which individuals are being selected. An important part of the personnel selection process and as a precursor to selections, job analysis should be performed in such a way as to meet the professional and legal guidelines of …show more content…
Completed questionnaires assist analyst with interviewing incumbents. For the HR manager, a supplemental questionnaire or observation with an interview is conducted and the findings are confirmed with superiors. The main purpose of the interview is to obtain relevant facts regarding the job and covering all the areas required for an adequate job description and job specification. To ensure accuracy of the interview questions should be of a logical sequence to assist interviewees in keep thoughts and comments about a job in order. The interviewer must also be cautious of inflated job descriptions or leading questions that could result in answers job holders assume are expected (How, 1998). The questionnaire and the interview should provide essential information necessary to produce a job description. A job description is basically a written statement of what the incumbent does, how he or she does it, and what the working conditions are. It is an organized factual statement of the duties and responsibilities of the job. This information is further used to prepare a job specification that will lists what determine what human characteristics and experiences are required to satisfactorily perform the job (Dessler, 2005). Most job descriptions will include: job identification, job summary, responsibilities and duties, authority of incumbent, standards of performance, working conditions, and job specifications. The following is an example

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