Essay on Jimmy Carter And The President Of The United States

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As the 39th president of the United States, in my opinion, Jimmy Carter demonstrates qualities of a “great man” but at the same time, he struggled to respond to impressive difficulties, including a vital emergency and a high increase in unemployment. He revived U.S. relations with China and attempted progress with endeavors to deal with peace in the notable Arab-Israeli clash, however, late in his term a prisoner emergency occurred in Iran. Carter 's analysis of the country 's “emergency of certainty” did little to help his listing prevalence, and in 1980 he was soundly vanquished in the general race by Ronald Reagan. Throughout the following decades, Carter was recognized as a great civil servant, creator and philanthropic. He pursued justice while working towards resolutions of conflicts in many countries around the world.
Born in Plains, Georgia, on October 1, 1924, James Earle Carter Jr. went to the U.S. Maritime Academy in Annapolis, graduating in 1946. Carter wedded a local girl named Roslyn Smith, out of their union they produced four children. Carter 's seven years of service in the Navy included five years of submarine obligation. In 1953, he was getting ready to serve as a building officer on the submarine Seawolf when his father suddenly took ill and passed away. Carter returned home and saved the families peanut plant after a devastating dry season.
Carter 's strong presence in his congregation at the Plains Baptist Church, help him gain recognition and propelled…

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