Jim Crow Speeches

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Register to read the introduction… He also told me that in areas where I live; there are few people like me. My dad tells stories of how he used to go to an all black school. I learned there were times where we could not vote or sit in the front of buses. I find that easy to believe because sometimes other kids at school call me bad names and ask me why am I here. I tell them because I have the right to live anywhere that I want to (thanks to my dad). Guess what I learned today in school? I learned that when we were not allowed to be around white people skin that it was called segregation. That means that African Americans did not have the same choices and privileges as they did. I also found out about Jim Crow Laws. Jim Crow was a character in an old song who was revived by a white comedian called Daddy Rice. Rice used the character to make fun of black people and the way that they spoke. The term Jim Crow came to be used as an insult against black people. In a bid to stop black Americans from being equal, the southern states passed a series of laws known as Jim Crow laws which discriminated against blacks and made sure that they were segregated (treated unequally) …show more content…
The political system denied blacks the right to vote. Signs were put up to separate facilities saying "whites only" and "coloured" or "Negroes" appearing on parks, toilets, waiting rooms, theatres, and water fountains (NA, 2000). I think those laws were mean and hope that never happens again. African American people are now able to be successful. We can be lawyers, doctors, educators, and play sports. One day when I grow up I want to be a lawyer. My mom always tells me that I ask so many questions. I think that is why she plays the quiet game with me. The rules of the game are very simple. We have a race to see who can be the quietest. I never seem to win. I may be ten years old but I know it is just a way my mother gets me stop asking questions for a short period of time. It is so obvious that we play the quiet game when she is reading, listening to the news or cleaning up the house. Wow, I have learned a lot about African Americans. I now know why I have that name, where I came from, and how we came here. I can also teach my younger brothers and sisters about the Jim Crow Laws. I am tired now so I am going to get ready for bed. Tomorrow I hope to learn

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