Jim Brown: Best American Football Player

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Jim Brown was one of the best American Football players ever. He was the No. 6 Draft overall to the Cleveland Browns where he had an outstanding 9 year career. In his 9 year career he had over 1,000 yards a season for 8 years. He was a pro bowler 9 years straight and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971. Jim Brown set the standard for all NFL fullbacks to this day.
Jim Brown was one of the best American Football players ever. He was born in 1936 on St. Simons Island off the coast of Georgia. Swinton Brown who was a professional boxer and father to Jim Brown left the family when he was still a child. After Swinton left Brown’s mother Theresa left to the North to look for work. Brown was forced to be raised by his grandmother for years, eventually Jim’s mother called for him to move up North with her
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Brown chose Syracuse college in New York. There he played basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and football. He played basketball his sophomore and junior year and was an outstanding player averaging 13.1 points per game. He was one of the best athletes on the floor rebounding every board. In one of Brown’s games he was able to score 33 points against Sampson Air Force base in a game he didn’t even start. Brown quit basketball on his senior year due to a rule prohibiting Syracuse college from starting more than 3 black players in a game (Brown, Jim).
Brown may have succeeded on the basketball court but where he really shined was on the football field. Brown started his legacy as number 44 where he was an unstoppable running back and outstanding kicker. Brown once ran for 196 yards against Colgate in 1956. He scored 6 touchdowns and kicked 7 extra points scoring an outstanding 43 points that held a NCAA record for over 40 years. Senior year Brown was selected All American and came in 5th for the Heisman Trophy (Brown,

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