Jewish Immigration to Palestine 1945-1948 Essay

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Zionism and Modern Judaism

Jewish Immigration to Palestine 1945-1948

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Jewish Immigration To Palestine 1945-1948 The Jewish migration to Israel is one of the most important pivoting points in the issue of the foundation of the Israeli nation. Zionism is the main driving idea that led to the Jewish migration to Israel. The period before 1948 was the period when Zionism along with the Zionist lobbies around the world were working to promote mass migration to Israel even before the foundation of the state
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The well being of all the population of Palestine including Arabs and Jews must be a governing consideration as stated in the report. The Jewish immigration to Palestine should not happen without the acceptance of the Arabs, also the Jews should not be dominated by the Arabs or the Arabs should be dominated by the Jews. That is because Palestine is a land that is sacred to three religions, and that all the people living there should live together with harmony and peace. The Arabs were not satisfied by the promises of the British, which created a tide against the Jewish migration to Palestine at that period. The Arabs in Palestine had the notion that they should be granted independence as other Arabian countries in the region and join the Arab league. So this part of the report emphasizes the efforts made by the British to satisfy the Arabs and make them accept living with the Jews, but those efforts were in vain because the Arabs were aiming for independence and their aims where higher. “The trek to Palestine” is an article written in August 09, 1946 in the “the Times” about the illegal Jewish migration to Palestine. The article showed the political role Britain played to prevent the Jewish migration to Palestine. The British authorities complained or protested, as explained in the report, from the efforts played by the Russians, Romanians and Bucharest to help the Jews get into

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