Personal Narrative: The Power Of Jesus

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For many years I have wrestled with this one problem that I had with my Jesus. I have read a thousand times about his power and might and how there is not anything he cannot do. I have read a million times of his love for me as an individual and also of his love for children. I fell in love with what Jesus represented to this waif of a child, with no power of her own. However, in the back of my mind there echoed one question, “why did you let me be hurt so badly?” Is he not all powerful, does he not love me as much as everyone else? Then yesterday, 24 years after I started living for him, I was given the answer.
Everyone has heard the testimonies about a Christian walking home and almost being accosted, when suddenly the would-be attackers turn and flee. Later it would be testified that there were angels surrounding the Christian
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In some people demons have come in unaware and that person’s free will is being taken by a spirit without the person even realizing why suddenly they are desiring lewdness, violence, and evil. Then there are those people that willing hand their free will over to satan. God and his army will intercede when a person’s free-will is being tampered with unknowingly by demons.
The story of the girl walking home and almost being raped, but the man fleeing and then claiming angels surrounded her, at that moment spiritual warfare is being waged. The man only saw the angels because he was looking through the spiritual eyes of the demon. The man, then frightened, uses his free will to flee. The ones that have freely and fully given over their free-will to demonic influences have made a free-will choice to let evil abide in their hearts and lives. Their choices cannot be interfered with because to do so would be God taking back the free-will that he promised to

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