Jesus ' Loyalty Of God Essay examples

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Jesus’ Loyalty to God
All Christians promote and accept the value of obeying God, so Jesus, as his son, is thus held at an even higher standard. Jesus demonstrates his loyalty to God in several ways. Through later verses in his Gospel, the definition of “Son of God” outlines how “Luke understands Jesus’ identity as Son of God in terms of messianic kingship, complete obedience to God’s will, and divine agency.” Luke believed it was necessary to show Jesus fully obeying God. Some of Jesus’ obedience to God is from a human child’s perspective. As a child raised and trained in the Jewish tradition, Luke’s Jesus would have understood the value of the temple, the priests, and Jewish celebrations. Evidence of Jesus’ Jewish education is demonstrated through Luke’s frequent references to the Old Testament. According to Zuck, Jesus references sixteen books of the Old Testament through thirty-nine passages in Luke. Just as Jesus understood the commandment to honor his father and mother, Jesus would have understood the reason for his family’s journey to Jerusalem and the importance of the temple. The “Father” versus “father” dichotomy in Mary and Jesus’ argument particularly demonstrates how Jesus identifies the importance of his relationship with God. Jesus’ use of the capitalized “Father” against Mary’s lowercase “father” ”indicates that Jesus has an allegiance that cuts across family ties, but there is no hint that his special relationship to the heavenly father excludes having…

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