Jesus Christ And His Sacrificial Death Essay

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There are countless things we can learn from the Bible. Some of these can be placed in the same category or they have the same theme they are trying to get across. A very important message we see repeatedly throughout the bible is that we were saved by Jesus Christ and his sacrificial death is the reason we have a chance at salvation today. Another theme that is often mentioned in the bible is that the Kingdom of God is near. This means we need to repent for our sins and we need to prepare ourselves for Judgment day. Heartfelt actions of repentance brings us into a reality with Jesus that changes the direction of our life. Constant communication with God makes it impossible for evil to corrupt us. God says that every one who isn’t a believer when Judgment day comes will be condemned to hell.

When we are in Church every sunday a recurring topic is our repentance to God. Repentance is means sincere regret or remorse. They tell us that we can only be let into the Kingdom Of heaven if we repent, but they don’t teach us how to repent. They also don’t tell us how often to repent. This makes it difficult for some people because they think that repentance is simply saying sorry in a prayer. Well the truth is that is much more deep and complex than that. We are the reason that Jesus die on the cross. Our sins is why God sacrificed his own son for our salvation. This is why we repent because we are given the chance to have a place in Heaven but we need to be forgiven for our sins…

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