Rapture Analysis

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Overview In 1960, a plane crashes into the Atlantic Ocean. Jack, a passenger, seems to be the only survivor of the crash. He escapes to a lighthouse, and inside the light is the passage to Rapture, an underwater city. After a short video, Jack learns the city was created by Andrew Ryan in the hopes of making a saturairy free from any government or religion. It was supposed to be place where art, science, and the free market could flourish. However, at this time Rapture is plagued with a civil war that has driven the city into chaos. The very few citizens live in fear hiding behind locked doors as psychopaths, militia men, and monsters roam the streets killing each other. Jack must rely on his own skills and the words of some outlandish characters …show more content…
Atlas seems to be the help voice that explains everything going on in Rapture, and soon he becomes a very helpful ally. He promises to help you escape if you first help him. However, Ryan reveals the truth about Jack and Atlas. Now exposed, Frank Fontaine sheds his Atlas persona and becomes the new antagonist of the game. Frank Fontaine is a Conman and criminal, and his main desire is to take control of Rapture. He failed to take it as himself, however in his Atlas persona produced the desired effect. It’s been told that he has a very intimating demeanor, and he speaks in a thick Bronx accent that also has a tone of …show more content…
This lesson can be learned from Ryan himself. He began by looking for a place to truly be free. A place that will let science, art, and capitalize be free to grow. However, the unregulated market caused a huge gap between the rich and the poor. This increased criminal activity. The Ethic-free science explorations lead to unsafe and addictive product being released to the population. Free to express themselves, artist began to push themselves further. They began to distort and twist human corpses to craft their “masterpiece”. Ryan saw this and was forced to forsake his values to protect Rapture. He became a dictator in the effort to purge the city of this illness, however it was too late.
Bioshock has a rich and emotional narrative that has impacted many gamers today. The game just had a remaster edition released this year giving many players a reason to revisit and enjoy the story again. This was also met with high praise by players and critics, proving that evening today the strong narrative holds up with player. This game has become a milestone for many players that start playing games, thus it deserves to be analyzed. Its impactful characters and beautiful narrative sets it apart from many games of its time, making it a must play

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