Essay on Jesus' Teaching on Satan and the Demons

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Introduction The modern world has many misconstrued ideas about Satan and his demons that are not in line with Jesus' teachings in Scripture. Today the world sees Satan in an almost comical way, if they believe in him at all. There is such a lack of belief in anything spiritually supernatural that the idea of demons is less acceptable to today's society than the idea of ghosts. In Jesus' time, this was not the case; people were well aware of Satan and his activities. Jesus often had to deal with things of this nature, and addressed the matter several times in Scripture. The difference between what Jesus had to say on the matter and what the world says today is monumental. Satan plays a major role in many religions, either as an …show more content…
This is repeated again when Satan provokes David to take a census of Israel (1st Chronicles 21:1). At first glance it seems that the Chronicler regards Satan as a more independent agent, but upon closer review it is seen as similar to Job. Satan is free to tempt, with God's consent (2nd Samuel 24:1).
Satan in Early Rabbinic Writings Satan played little or no role in Jewish theology according to statements made in the Mishnah and the Talmud. It was over time that Judaism adopted popular, maybe even secular, thoughts of Satan. It is only the later rabbinic writings that start to mention Satan and his demons. For example, classical Judaism's Biblical commentators thought the serpent that tempted Eve was just that – a literal serpent. The thought was it could represent either the evil tendency, Satan or the Angel of death. Before he was cursed for his actions, the devious creature stood upright and could converse in some form or fashion. The Babylonian Talumud states that the evil inclination (Yetzer ha-Ra in Yiddish), the angel of death and Satan are one in the same. In the Midrash Samael, the ruler of the satans (this refers to a specific order of angel, not demons), was a powerful prince of angels in Heaven. He came into the world with Eve, meaning he is created and not eternal. According to tradition, he can fly, and is said to skip, in reference to his appearance in the form of a goat. He may also take any form; such as a bird, a stag, a

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