Sibling Rivalry In Coming Home By Jessica Lun She Evans

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The relationship held by siblings is mystifying. It is full of wonder and in which one can fight for hours with them, but when the battle is over five minutes later they rejoice and at times end up doing something ridiculous but joyous together that only they understand. Sadly, at times the relationship can go to the extreme of sibling rivalry. This was the case of Jessica Lun She Evans in “coming home”. She had a fear that any other person might have when they understand there will be a new family member in their lives. In “coming home”, Jessica confronts personal conflict, a turning point, epiphany, and a resolution during a defining moment of her life. At the bare age of five, Jessica set herself roadblocks and journeyed to break each …show more content…
himself conflict when she learned she was going to have a new little sister. She began to think of all the situations that might happen when Kelly finally arrives. They could be positive and negative. In Jessica’s case, she began to think of the negative situations, very grievous for a 5 year old. Whilst alone at her grandparents house she began to have the idea that her parents would not love her anymore. “what if they love her more than me?”. Jessica thought she would be the ignored daughter and they would forget about her. She worried “...they’d (her parents) be so busy with little Kelly that they wouldn’t have time for me?”, she feared that her new sister would consume too much of her parents time to the point where they wouldn’t even have time for her. Jessica could not handle the idea. Worrying that they would give her sister more attention cause her emotional conflicts that made her think more than was truly going on around her environment.

But that was not it, not only did she create a battle with herself, she also created a battle with her little sister even if she was not involved in it. Her new sister, Kelly, had a name which meant “gentle girl” whereas Jessica had a name that meant “clever debate”. Jessica wondered “what parent would prefer a clever debate to a gentle girl?”. Hypothetically speaking, she was right, one name was more positive and easy loving than the other, but would that truly affect how her parents saw Jessica?
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She was on her feet again. She “was in peace with herself and sister”. For a youngling as her it was a long and terrifying journey, but as it concluded she realized it was never as bad as it seemed. What Jessica truly worried about was the at the same level as someone who is going to fly for the first time might think- that the airplane will crash, and the chances of that happening are almost null.
Last but not least, we need to have empathy for this little girl and see that at such a young age the love of parents is of mass importance for the future development of the thoughts and ideas she will grow up to have. It has been proven by scientists all over the world that a children who grow with the love of parents will have a healthier future and life than those who grow to be neglected by the same people that raised them. Jessica overreacted with the effect of her fears, but like any other good story, this one deserved a happy ending and it got

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