Jeffrey Johnson Incident

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Current Events In the beginning of September, Jeffrey Johnson was shot and killed by police. A few days before his death, he and his wife had got into an argument and he went to stay in a motel for a few nights. After a few days in the hotel, Jeffrey texted his wife some text messages that she believed were suicidal. She called the police and they found him locked in his room firing a gun. After the police tried to get in, he jumped out the window and into a car. He drove this car to a local cemetery where he crashed into another police car. After crashing, he was seen reaching for a gun, so for the officer’s safety, he shot Johnson. Johnson later died (Torres, 2014). There was an interview with Johnson’s wife, Barbie, who was explaining in 2011 his attitude started to change and he did not act like himself. Prior to this incident, he had served seven years total in the Army and was recently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Barbie explained his PTSD turned into depression and was so bad he would sometimes cry himself to sleep. Months before the shooting occurred, Johnson ran out of medicine and tried to make an appointment, but his mental health professional could not see him in a decent amount of time. In fact, he would have to wait months …show more content…
First off, I would be disappointed in myself that I gave up on him and did not help him seek more help. I would probably feel like this was partly my fault, especially if we had just had a fight a few days before. Deep down, I would feel selfish that I wanted to end the marriage because of his troubles from the military. I would also be mad that his mental health professional could not get him an appointment for months. My first question would be how does he/she help anyone only meeting with them once every few months? These are just some of the thoughts that would consume

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