What Is Jean Piaget's Theory Of Child Development

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Swiss born psychologist and philosopher, Jean Piaget is considered to be a pioneering genius in the field of developmental psychology, Not only did he make vast improvements in the treatment of patients with mental disorders, he has revolutionized how child development is viewed along with teaching, and learning itself. Born in 1896 to a professor and a domestic engineer, Piaget had a quite a fierce fascination with Biology as a child, and spent many a days at the national museum of natural history, The curator of the museum observed this and took him under his wing, and that led to Piaget publishing an article in the nation’s scientific journals. By age 15 he had earned a reputation in the zoologist community as he had published many articles …show more content…
When the preoperational stage ends, the concrete operational begins around the age of seven and would end around the time they turn eleven years old. During the concrete operational stage they would fully understand the theory of conservation and begin to use logic and abstract thinking. Mathematical reasoning is another major development during this stage, for example they would begin to understand that five plus three equals eight, and that eight minus three equals five. Which is also an example of the concept of reversibility another important development in this stage, that most processes are reversible. This stage is a transition period for the children, in this stage the children begin to understand that everyone has their own perspectives, however they wouldn’t be aware of what those perspectives could be, at the end of this stage the children will start to evolve from a egocentric to a sociocentric, and that development in a full sociocentric would be completed in the formal operational stage. The last stage starts at the end of twelve and ends when the person is an

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