Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

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Theory Paper Jean Piaget, a psychologist from Switzerland is known for his work in child development. Piaget’s theory was that children from different ages have different cognitive understandings. He realized through research that children’s learning is effected by the environment they live in and the adults in their lives. Piaget’s theory justifies the idea that children are learning everyday from what is being seen but most importantly what is being said. Jean Piaget research on children’s growth is now known as Jean Piaget cognitive development theory. This theory basically is broken down into four different categorize. The first is called sensorimotor stage, this stage lasts from birth to about two years of age. At this period infants …show more content…
To them I would say that’s why the age span is very different and that through his research this is what was best. Although technology has changed children for the most part have always been the same. There are things that simplify education of children but through the same steps. This theory really has an impact in my life given that there are so many things I knew about kids that were not clear. With Paiget’s theory of child development I am able to recognize these steps and help better my child’s life. Instead of being annoyed by my child’s questions I will be more patient and help explain everything to the best of my ability. The child’s environment does play a huge role in their education so I will make sure and live in a good environment make sure he is given the best chance to grow and succeed. After seeing so many similarities between Jean Piaget cognitive development theory and my family around me. At this point I will be able to talk to those around me and explain to them why they should be more patient with their children. By understanding Jean Piaget cognitive development theory we can enable people mind set and their children. If each person just explain enough about this theory it could change the way adults treat

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