Jean Piaget 's Theory Of Psychology Essay

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Imagine, growing up in the late 1800’s; witnessing the forefront of both science and psychology. Although, life seems different back then it was in fact similar to current events today. Scientists of this exciting era were continually making new discoveries, and constructing theories. Without the discoveries of scientists in the beginning of psychology, our world would today would be immensely different. Notably, throughout history many individuals have made amazing contributions to the field of psychology. This paper will study one of those amazing individuals, scientist, Jean Piaget; and his theories on the cognitive development stages.
Jean Piaget was born August 9th, 1896 in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). The oldest child of Arthur Piaget, and Rebecca Jackson. His father was known as a professor of medieval literature and history (Smith, L). His mother contributed to his interest in science. Described as a neurotic woman who suffered from mental illness (Cherry, K). Piaget showed promise as a scientist from the start. At just ten years old, Piaget published his first article on an albino sparrow he had seen in a local park. Piaget’s interest in science followed him throughout his life; at the age of twenty-one he had published twenty-five articles on mollusks, and in 1918 he was granted his doctorate degree in biology. This is the beginning of where Piaget began studying the development of knowledge in adolescents. Upon his graduation, Piaget studied psychoanalysis, at…

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