Jean Piaget 's Cognitive Development Theory Essay

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For my project, I picked Jean Piaget’s cognitive development theory. He was a Swiss Scientist and he did a study on the thinking process of children, which was popularly known as clinical method. His study was based on the schemas. According to Piaget, in order to constantly adapt to our environment, human mind organise its way to understand the situation and current changes (Theories of development, 43). Moreover, schema is a cognitive framework that place a concept into categories and associations (43). The intellectual advancement was a dynamic rearrangement of mental procedures as an aftereffect of organic development and natural experience. Kids develop a comprehension of their general surroundings, then experience errors between what they definitely know and what they find in their surroundings. The cognitive development theory involves different stages of development of brain as sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operations, formal operations. This theory describes the techniques and methods through which an infant and then the child develops himself into an adult using the reason and thinkings of his/her hypothesis.
The first key factor of Piaget 's theory is Schemas which can be defined as the building blocks of knowledge. This process involves the storage of daily activities done by a child or infant in its brain and then recalling the thought process to repeat the stored information when he revisit the same situation. As an example, “Babies have a sucking…

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