Jealousy By William Shakespeare 's Othello Essay

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"But jealous souls will not be answered so; they are not ever jealous for the cause, But jealous for they 're jealous. It is a monster begot upon it 's self, born on its self."(3.4.171-174)

William Shakespeare 's Othello is driven by the recurring theme of jealousy within the main characters. Each character mentioned becomes consumed by jealousy and disregards their better judgement. The word jealousy by definition means to dislike someone because he or she is better off than you in some way. Although, jealous thought in its self is not an issue, the actions derived from jealousy can be terrible. Jealousy is a theme in the play that takes control over three of the main characters. Likewise, the characters listed are consumed to the point that they have lost themselves and are completely at the mercy of jealousy itself. The jealous nature of Iago was unfruitful and had no good result. The helpless lover Roderigo was bound by a helpless love that resulted in missteps from cause of jealousy. Lastly, the great Othello was taken control over by a jealous rage that completely submerged and that he had no control over. The theme of jealousy within the play was evident throughout, and those influenced by it met terrible results.

The antagonist "honest Iago" is the exact opposite of his ironic name. He from the very beginning was the most dishonest and disloyal character within the play. Moreover, all the bitterness and evil nature he demonstrates within the play is as a…

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