Essay on JDT2 Task#2

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Western Governors University
October 26, 2013
Human Resources JDT2 Task #2
To: Bob Smith, Chief Executive Officer
From: , Elementary Division Officer
CC: Executive Team
Date: October 26, 2013
Re: Elementary Toy Test Result
An elementary toy that is due to be shipped at the end of the week has failed quality control testing. A metal whistle has been shown to exceed the federal regulation guidelines for lead. The testing process showed the lead level for this particular toy tested at 103 parts per million. The federal guidelines dictate that toys cannot contain lead with more than 100 parts per million (OSHA, 2013). The projected cost to conform to federal guidelines and replace the whistle are
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This would cost considerably less than reproducing the whistle.
Secondly, we can notify our vendors and customers that the whistle has been removed from the elementary toy collection and offer a credit towards future purchases. The company would still incur a monetary loss, but retain vendor and customer relations.
Thirdly, the vendors and customers would have an option to wait for the whistle to be reproduced. Should the vendors and customers choose this option, we can reproduce the whistles, but reduce the overall number of whistles to be replaced. This would still cause the company to incur a monetary loss, but retain positive relationships with our vendors and customers.
The options outlined are viable. We can maintain company integrity, provide protection to our company, employees, investors, and customers. Following federal recommended guidelines will secure our position in the business realm and provide longevity for all involved.
Our company would take a risk by announcing the problem with the whistle, but we would be able to highlight our commitment to protect our customers. We would be able to convey we place safety over profit. This would help raise consumer confidence, avoid legal implications, and retain satisfied customers.

Notification of our vendors and customers is the best option. We know how much lead is in our product and how much is considered safe per federal

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