Japanese Internment Of The Japanese War Essay

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Japanese Internment Canadians think that we are a perfect country that could never do anything wrong however, the internment of the Japanese proves that we are not. Ever since the Japanese arrived in Canada they had faced racism and prejudice. As well after the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II increase the racism they faced. With fear in Canadians hearts the country placed the Japanese in internment camps, where they faced many abuses and were forced to work. With the completion of the war the racism towards the Japanese continued. Japanese internment within Canada is one of the most shameful parts of our history even with the other cultural attacks in Canada.
Japanese people had faced racism and attacks on culture since their arrival in our country. It is terrible to think about the fact that due to race they were not welcomed in our country. “Beginning in 1874 pandered to white supremacists and passed a series of laws intended to force all Asians to leave Canada, as well the Japanese were denied the right to vote” (Sunahara, A.. R. The Canadian Encyclopedia. (2011). Japanese Canadians.). Not only were people of Asian culture denied any right to vote there were also many “laws that excluded Asians from underground mining, the civil service and professions such as the practice of law, which required the practitioner to be listed on the provincial voting lists” (Sunhara, 2011). Not only were there many jobs that the Japanese were banned from labor and minimum-wage…

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