Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was so successful due to their undying will to expand. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the Japanese attack of the American naval base located in Hawaii. This attack changed America’s position in the war from a bystander to a full participant in the second World War.
Before the bombing of Pearl Harbor lied Japan 's thirst for expansion. Being the pre modernized nation they were in the years prior. Japan being the weaker unmodernized country they had been felt it was time to get on the same level as the other nations. World War I was just the beginning of the expansion Japan had desired. With the massive scale of advancements taking place in their country the Japanese people needed more land in order to grow. The country of Japan lied on the equivalent of a geological mess. Built on mountains and rugged terrain surrounded by littler resources hindered the very progress Japan desired. Despite the major downfall, the modernization had continued forth. More land equaled more power and more global recognition. Japan was thirsty and the only quencher within reason seemed to be Manchuria. After the invasion of Manchuria the League of Nations did nothing to stop Japan. Japan knew the League of Nations would do nothing, and this meant they had open opportunities to continue with the growth of their nation eliminating any threats that preceded them. In an article titled “The League in Manchuria” from johndclare.net Tony Howarth says:
The invasion of…

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