Japanese And Japanese Korean Language Essay

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The Japanese occupation of Korea remains controversial; for most Koreans it was a time of national subjugation shame and betrayal, political authoritarianism and violence, and profound human suffering (Schoppa 269). Japanese colonizers in Korea operate different technique to make Koreans more like Japanese by forcing them speak Japanese, take away their identity, and help them in the war against western powers. Japanese want to unify all East Asian countries under their empire. But all this method and others was really effective to make Koreans like Japanese until World War II. First, Japanese force Korean to speak Japanese language. In the early 1934, the educational circulation was revised to include more hours of Japanese language instructions, as well as the teaching of ethics and history from the Japanese point of view; speaking the Korean language was forbidden in all public places (Schoppa 275). If they found speaking Koreans, they get punished. On the first day of school for narrator, he asked by his teacher to sing a song for his class as all new students do on their first day of class. Narrator sing his favorite song in English “Danny Boy, Oh Danny Boy . . .” after students left the class, one of the Japanese teachers come to the class slaps him on the cheek so hard that narrator couldn’t stand on his feet. He slaps him again on the other cheek; he slaps him again until blood comes out of his mouth almost he could not go to school the next day (Kim 35-42). All…

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