Japan 's World War II Essays

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Many of the world powers of the 20th century were searching for or ensuring their continued possession of power. For Japan, their power fluctuated, depending on whether they were in times of war or peace, prosperity or poverty, and their allegiances. After having fought alongside the Allies during World War I, Japan prospered, but was then discriminated against, leading Japan to switch sides and join the Axis powers in World War II. Japan entered into World War II seeking power by means of land, natural resources, and military dominance.
Though Japan thought they were dominant in the mid 19th century they were significantly behind the United States, leading to reformation. In 1853 the United States forced Japan into signing the Convention of Kanagawa that opened various Japanese ports to trade with the United States. This was disturbing to the Japanese who thought they were a powerful and significant country. They had no choice but to agree to an agreement that they wanted to avoid, exhibiting that they were not truly as strong as they thought they were. They realized that if they did not begin to advance their society and technology they would end up very far behind the other large nations of the world and would not be able to recover. This fear of falling behind led to the Meiji Restoration, a reconfiguring of the government back to a sole emperor that led to industrialization and military strength. Having a sole emperor would allow for more efficient running of the…

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