Japan During World War II Essay

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Japan in World War 2 is usually looked as the bad guy when in reality they were a nation faced with economic and political collapse and had little to no choice but in go to war in Asia and the United States. The beginning of the war for Japan lay in european imperial competition in Asia and the quest of modernising nations for wealth and power. Japan 's rapid industrialisation, like that of the United States and Europe, require privileged access to resources overseas. To Japan, to be a modern power was to be a imperial power. By the first world war, Japan controlled the Korean Peninsula and the island of Taiwan, and demanded greater access to resources in her neighbor China. Japan 's insistence on its interests in China flew in the face of the "open door" policy that was backed by the United States and the League of Nations. Many military officials and politicians saw this international system as a form of racial exclusion, designed by the western powers to protect their own imperial territories, and to deny newcomers any colonies. In 1918, Prince Fumimaro Konoe of Japan wrote that without imperial ambitions, Japan was "to remain always subordinate to the west".In 1928, a strong central government arose in China, Japan was increasingly isolated both politically and economically because of this. As the great depression squeezed resources and ruin economies across the word, many argued that the only way for Japan to progress was to increase its borders. The far east is…

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