Essay about Jane Dove Of The United States

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Over the past couple of weeks President Jane Dove of the United States has faced a potential Secession from the South Western States of the United States, these States are: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Nevada. These States called themselves Nuevo Aztlan under Dr. Fonseca leadership, who master minded the secession plot in 2032 against the United States of America. It is obvious that this was a test to the first female president of the United States war-making and emergency powers under the United States constitution without consulting congress first, who have the explicit powers to declare war.
More importantly, being a Legal counsel for President Jane Dove, it is imperative to objectively review her actions during the civil war under the microscopy lenses of the constitution of United States along with some precedence cases that the Court has ruled on to give her advice on the legality of her actions. As a counsel to the president I will review the following: Action to wage war, Executive orders 456 and 457 the Military tribunal and indefinite detention of civilians.
The constitution of the United States explicitly set up three branches of government for the sole purpose of check and balances of power. Yet the executive branch is fully charged with responsibility to faithfully protect the nation from external invasion and internal insurrection/rebellion against the government of the United States. The executive branch is also responsible to enforce…

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