Jane Austen 's Pride And Prejudice Essay

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Marriage is an important milestone in one’s life. It is a union of two people who vow to remain together and love one another until death does them apart. In Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen emphasizes the prominence of marriage based on loved rather than other influences. Through the experiences of Lydia and Wickham, Charlotte and Collins, and Elizabeth and Darcy, Austen criticizes marriages based on infatuation, convenience and money, and emphasizes that marriage can only be successful if they are founded on mutual love.
Jane Austen criticizes the various different marriages in the novel. Lydia and Wickham’s marriage is based completely on infatuation on Lydia’s end and greed on Wickham’s end. Lydia is the second youngest of the Bennet sisters, but undoubtedly the most foolish. She craves the attention of men and “attach[es] herself to anybody” that would give her just that. Being merely fifteen years old, Lydia is an easy prey for men like Wickham, who are looking to court stupid women and lure them in with their outward vivacity. Not only is Lydia foolish, she is also very naïve. She does not realize that her affection for Wickham is much more than what he is reciprocating. This is the first alarming sign in their relationship. Elizabeth even states that Mr. Wickham’s passions are “not equal to Lydia’s for him.” She remains oblivious to Wickham’s true intent. She rambles on about marriage and Wickham just waves off all her ideas and suggestions. Wickham has no real…

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